The Process Of Making Sex Dolls


The Process Of Making Sex Dolls

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We specialize in making high-quality sex dolls. We use the best quality materials and also customize the products as per the client’s needs.

Our sex dolls stand out because apart from the body structured we also make some of the prettiest and realistic dolls. It is the faces that is the most difficult part of the sex doll and use a separate mold to make it. We make use of the magnetic face that has big holes, each for the two eyes and the mouth. The makes the dolls look very realistic even though it is priced a little steep.

We also use high-quality makeup on the doll on its modular head. To make the doll look real we apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and add eyebrows. This makes the sex doll look adorable. Lipsticks and eyelashes are also applied. The eye balls as well as the oral orifice are then placed in the face and it is then covered with ahead.

We make the doll wear wig that makes her look very real. We also make her wear sexy lingerie or underwear. The customer may ask for some tailor-made lingerie and we arrange that for them.

We let the customers highly customize the sex dolls. You may ask for anything like fangs, elf ears or even transgender ones. Freckles, pubic hair or piercing can also be done by us. The process is expensive and any additional feature that you add is chargeable, but it is definitely worth paying extra to get the doll that you want.

We ship the sex dolls with great care and position her into a discreet box. We then ship it to the client’s address. To shop for realistic sex dolls and to get the dolls that are manufactured with the best quality materials, you can contact us. We customize your order for you and give you the sex doll of your dream.

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At https://www.siliconwives.com you get the best sex dolls. Sex dolls are undoubtedly the best accessory that you will lay your hands on when you go looking for sex toys. Its production starts by using powder and chemical mixture. The blend is then poured into a mould in order to shape it like a doll. It is solely on the manufacturer if he wants the doll assembled. The trunk, feet, hand and the face of the doll will all have different molds.


The manufacturer will not put the doll into a single mold. However, that is different from one manufacturer to another. There are six doll manufacturers who before creating the sculpture create the dolls details like genitals and hands.


The skeleton of the doll is made by hand and made using PVC and joints made of steel. Some even use material that is lightweight for the same. This is done to keep it flexible and strong. These also allow you to adjust the dolls posture and let her sit or stand and also position it however you want.


After the temperature of the liquid comes down the hardened substance is then taken out from the mold. The next process is done using the hands. The doll is cleaned and some manufacturers will use high temperature in order to treat the doll and give it a smooth and a shiny look.


Every part of the doll is then checked so that the rough edges are removed. This is done using sharp scissors and this gives the doll a fine surface. The doll is carefully washed after that..


On the basis of the design of the doll, the manufacturer will end the process. The doll is complete with the holes that are the genitals, but the anus, vagina, nipples, and mouth will still be missing.

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The feet and the hand of the sex doll For the assembled doll manufacturers, the creator will add the feet and the hand to the doll's body. The fingernails and toenails will be colored with the color that the customer specified in his order. .

The dolls anus, mouth, and vagina or her orifices could be permanent or removable. These are designed to be very tight and also come in various textures. They are some that are ribbed so that it gives you great pleasure. They may look to be exactly same as the first glace, however, it’s the pattern of each sex doll that varies.
The manufacturer will then add pubic hair which is based on the client’s specification. But in a maximum of the cases, the customer wants a cleanly shaved sex doll. You pay for the feature that you request on the sex doll. There are also a number of options for pubic hair that you can choose from. You could ask for brunette, blonde or black. You could also want it natural, fill or trimmed. The throat and the mouth of the doll are developed separately from the rest of the body and the dolls head. It has teeth that are made using silicone material and this makes oral sex a possibility. Some dolls will also give you the deep throat that you prefer.
The removable orifice makes it easy to clean the parts without taking the full doll. Just take the mouth or her vagina. All that you have to do is to take out the orifice and clean it separately. The breasts of the sex doll are manufactured indifferent process and silicone is used to do it. The breasts are made is soft and firm and also in various sizes. The breasts can be customized as well. You can select the breast size, the color of the nipple and the size of the nipple.